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 Peninsula Mitre Expedition

Take a challenge and visit Peninsula Mitre with us.

We gladly invite you to take part in one of our expeditions, where you will spend 10 days riding through the most magic place of Tierra del Fuego. During these days you will see mythical places, astonishing shipwrecks, traditional shelters and estancias, stunning landscapes and most amazing patagonian wildlife.

Discover the real End of the World, with all its majestic beauty. We assure you will not be the same person after return and you will never forget this adventure.

Please check the details of our full expedition program below:
Download Peninsula Mitre Expeditions (ENGLISH)

Schedule of Península Mitre Expeditions:

Our standard tour program covers 10 days, however for the organised groups we could offer a modified itinerary. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. .


13/nov – 22/nov
05/dec - 14/dec


05/jan - 14/jan
03/feb - 12/feb
03/mar - 12/mar

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Gallery of Península Mitre Expedition

All images presented below were taken during previous expeditions.  Although we hope you will see all kind of animals and experience many unique moments during the trip, we can not guarantee that we will encounter everything that is shown on the photos here. There is a reason why it is called wildlife! 🙂 Thank you for understanding and enjoy!

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